Dazzle your customers with Razzle mix-in desserts! Transform soft serve, shakes and smoothies by mixing in toppings and flavors in seconds. The Razzle marketing program includes printed cups, posters, table tents, window clings and mobiles to keep customers rolling in.


The Flavor Burst soft-serve system is a revolutionary add-on to your current soft-serve freezer. It allows you to stripe your soft-serve product with a variety of flavors from one spout. Flavor is injected into the soft serve – the stripe flavors the product inside and out! Marketing material includes banners, lighted signs, cups, posters, flags and much more.


The Flavor Blend is another add-on to your current soft-serve freezer. It allows you to blend a variety of flavors from one spout that results in a solid appearance instead of the Flavor Burst stripe. The Flavor Blend has a wonderful selection of marketing material to help you move product. The result is a fun, colorful treat filled with great-tasting premium flavors!


The Crunchi Crème is a mix-in system that works in conjunction with a soft-serve freezer. It allows you to mix a variety of candies, nuts, chopped cookies, sprinkles and other dry confection bits into your soft-serve or yogurt product as it dispenses from your freezer. The Crunchi Crème system is ideal for high volume locations due to its fast production of mix-in menu selections


The Shake Break is the first marketing program for the Flavor Burst frozen beverage system. It allows you to offer your customers a variety of flavors from one freezer in either a solid or unique swirled appearance. The application can set your business apart from the competition and your customers will love the premium flavors.


The Smoothies! program is the second Flavor Burst marketing program for the frozen beverage system. You can create unique flavors and flavor combinations for your smoothie menu, using this program with your existing equipment.  Diversifying your smoothie flavor options is a Win-Win for you and your customers!.


Serving frozen cocktails?  The Mix It Up marketing program from Flavor Burst will give you endless cocktail ideas.  You can swirl your flavors for an added eye-catching effect.  Every customer will want one of your signature cocktails!



Wanting to add a frozen coffee beverage to your menu for those warm days…choose the Java Latte marketing program using a Flavor Burst syrup injection unit. Now you can offer many flavors of frozen cappuccinos and lattes. The flavor options are tremendous and so easy!  A simple push button selection creates a super flavorful frozen coffee beverage and lots of happy customers!



The Nice Ice marketing program from Flavor Burst is available for both carbonated and non-carbonated slush products. Slush menu items will also benefit by adding exciting, tasty flavors and flavor combinations using this program with your existing slush or FCB equipment.  The premium flavors will really WOW your customers when they are swirled into their favorite slush and FCB drinks.


Cool Chiller is a marketing program designed around the Flavor Burst Nice Ice frozen carbonated beverage system. With Cool Chiller your FCB drink sales will soar!  So many flavors and flavor combinations from your existing FCB machine along with the colorful, unique marketing materials your customers will keep coming back for more!  Frozen carbonated beverages have never been cooler!


Genuine Broaster Chicken has been a trusted iconic brand for more than 60 years. It is prepared with the freshest available chicken, special recipe ingredients and our own unique cooking process. Enjoy serving healthier fried chicken products. It's the taste of chicken perfected and the only one that can truly be called Genuine Broaster Chicken.


Broaster Express is made with exclusive recipes that customers crave. Our complete, all-inclusive turnkey program features the delicious foods, merchandising, equipment and expert local support needed to bring bigger profits to any convenience foods location. With Broaster Express, you're not offering typical fast food; you're offering amazing food from a trusted brand that customers love.

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