Taylor, Henny Penny, Flavor Burst, Nieco and ISA distributor for New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.
Photo of Taylor and Henny Penny equipment.
ISA Manufacturer
ISA Corporation

PHONE: 39.075.80171
FAX: 39.075.8000900
  • Gelato Merchandising Equipment
  • Pastry Merchandising Equipment
  • Custom Build-In Café Furniture
  • Complete Store Packages
  • Floor Design
  • Specialty Installations
ISA is a manufacturer of professional refrigeration
units and furnishings for bars and restaurants. ISA
has a range of products that go “round the clock”:
from breakfast at the coffee bar, to lunch at a grill in
the motorway or at a restaurant, shopping at the
supermarket or at a convenience store, a treat at a
pastry or ice cream shop, and in the late-hour
atmosphere of a pub or nightclub. This allows our
customers to choose equipment with the size,
style and performance that best suits their needs.
Today ISA’s knowledge can rely on the experience
and skill developed by Tasselli’s 60 years in the
field of commercial refrigeration and COF’s 55
years in the field of ice cream and pastry shop
furnishings. Along with the many important
customers who use ISA equipment daily, we have
cooperated for years with national and
international chains. ISA has recently expanded it’s
reach to the U.S. providing gelato and pastry
merchandisers and full store packages to provide
genuine Italian expertise.
The 12 pan gelato merchandiser ISA model Samoa 12. This photo will link you to ISA's list of equipment specifications.
Children wanting a gelato cone that was displayed in an ISA cabinet and produced in a Taylor gelato machine.
Many pans of gelato displayed in an ISA model Gelato Show 24 and prepared with a Taylor model C118.
A multi flavored gelato dish that was displayed in an ISA gelato cabinet and produced in a Taylor gelato freezer.
Italian ices and sorbets previously displayed in an ISA gelato merchandiser and produced in a Taylor gelato freezer.
Apple Pie with vanilla gelato alamode produced with Taylor and Henny Penny equipment and displayed in an ISA refrigerated pastry case.
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