Taylor, Henny Penny, Flavor Burst, Nieco and ISA distributor for New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.
Photo of Taylor and Henny Penny equipment.
Henny Penny Manufacturer
Henny Penny
1219 U.S. 35 WEST
P.O. Box 60
EATON, OH 45320

PHONE: 937.456.8400
TOLL: 800.417.8417
FAX: 937.456.8402
  • Open Fryer Equipment
  • Pressure Fryer Equipment
  • Rotisserie Oven Equipment
  • Combi Oven Equipment
  • Blast Chiller Equipment
  • Blast Freezer Equipment
  • Heated Holding Cabinet Equipment
  • Humidified Holding Cabinet Equipment
  • Hot Merchandising Equipment
  • Display Counter Warming Equipment
  • Bun Warming Equipment
  • Breading Station Equipment
  • Breading & Seasonings
  • Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies
The Henny Penny Experience has never been
about simply selling products. It's about
developing new concepts, value-added services
and customized solutions for foodservice
operators in every corner of the world. It's about a
global network of exclusive distributors delivering
the highest standard of representation and
service in the industry. And it's about working
together with our customers to make them
successful in the marketplace. Henny Penny is a
privately held, family-owned company. Over the
decades sound management and commitment to
excellence have produced the financial strength to
support an experienced, well-trained workforce
with the tools, the resources and the motivation to
be the best in the business. Our
customers-thousands of restaurant,
supermarket, and institutional foodservice
operators the world over-would say it's part of
what makes doing business with Henny Penny a
unique experience.
The auto lift open fryer with built-in filtration Henny Penny Model OEA-322. This photo will link you to Henny Penny's list of equipment specifications.
The worlds top selling chicken sandwiches are made in a Henny Penny pressure fryer.
Rotisserie Chicken made in a Henny Penny model SCR-8.
Reduce your annual fryer costs and increase profits with a Henny Penny fryer.
Fried fish and chips prepared in a Henny Penny model OEA-322.
Fried foods bring big profits in the smallest of snackbars.
A Henny Penny combi oven is designed for multiple uses so you can grill steaks, steam vegetables, proof and cook bread.
A Henny Penny rotisserie is a convection oven and is only as limited as your imagination.
A pork tenderloin cooked through evenly with a Henny Penny combi oven.
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